What are Madonna and Kylie Jenner doing at the New York Public Library?

Today, I have a quiz for you guys. Let’s see if you will get it right. Are you ready? What were Madonna, Kylie Jenner, Parish Hilton and Jeremy Meeks aka “the hot felon” doing at the New York Public Library? If you guessed: watching Philipp Plein’s show or attending NYFW, you did your homework well. If not, keep on reading to find out what you missed.

Libraries are not just for bookworms and nerds, they are also a place for fashion shows. Philipp Plein decided to present his Fall 2017 NYFW show at the New York Public Library. And if that might sound crazy, then I don´t know what you think about the celebrities that were present. Let´s take a look at what celebrities+library+fashion show gives us. Don´t be scared, it´s not a Math lesson.

Philipp Plein went big and not just the celebrities and the location, but do you recognize the model in the picture? It´s actually “hot felon” Jeremy Meeks.

Phillipp Plein Fall 2017 Collection New York Fashion Week-Jermey Meeks-The DapiferSource: http://www.thedapifer.com/philipp-plein-fall-2017-review-nyfw/

The show was a mix of both Men’s and Women’s designs with a luxe palette of dark red and black. The show included designs from high sneakers to embellished jackets and not to forget skin tight pants. And I almost forgot to mention evening wear, but not the prom type!

Imagini pentru philipp plein nyfwSource: http://www.thedapifer.com/philipp-plein-fall-2017-review-nyfw/

There are just so many words to describe this fashion show. I guess it is better to search for a clip, because it was simply amazing, not to mention the fact that The Killers had a live show. What more can you ask for?

From abandoned theaters to libraries, fashion designers have definitely blown our minds with their choice of locations for NYFW,  not to mention the incredible designs that they showcased this week. With only one day left, it is truly hard for us to imagine what exactly will designers come up with for tomorrow? It will most certainly be something we will be talking about for a while.