The Weekend & Selena Gomez do not care about the Grammy’s, they just want to cuddle!

Selena Gomez did not come with her new boyfriend on the Grammy’s, because they dislike the publicity around their relationship. The couple spent this Valentine’s Day in an intimate atmosphere, her friends say that Selena is madly in love with Canadian.

The Weekend (26) and Selena Gomez (24) do not like to spend time together in the public so they did not come to the Grammy’s, they do not separate, so they just decided to completely ignore the Grammy Awards. They spent the Valentine’s Day together in an intimate atmosphere. To his surprise birthday party she reportedly rented a club in Hollywood and this costed her about two million dollars. Although the paparazzi caught them a couple of few weeks ago on a romantic holiday in Florence, Selena and Weeknd had not yet confirmed their relationship.


The singer recently decided to ‘break the ice’ and announced the recording of her new boyfriend. Weekend’s ex-girlfriend, Bella Hadid was apparently V angry and upset that she was so quickly replaced by another girl.

*PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE* Hot New Couple  Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Can't hide their love

Neither Selena’s former boyfriend, Justin Bieber, does not plan on standing in line to congratulate them. When asked whether he loved Weeknd’s music, the singer said he was ‘completely s ** it’. Ah the jealousy can be an awful thing, don’t you think? We hope that Selena and The Weekend spend some more quality time together and that we will soon get to take some lovely pictures of them together.