Breast cancer survivors on the catwalk at NYFW

We thought that we had seen it all at New York Fashion Week: from ex cons to astronauts walking down the run. However,  AnaOno decided that it was time to prove us wrong. Instead of hiring professional models to present her designs on the runway, the fashion brand decided to raise awareness for cancer and used breast cancer survivors to model in the  AnaOno x #Cancerland fashion show.

The fashion show was a bit unusual for NYWF as the models were shown wearing lingerie. The show was produced by Art Hearts Fashion and it resulted from a partnership between the breast cancer nonprofit #Cancerland and  AnaOno Intimates, a brand dedicated to create lingerie products with breast cancer patients in mind.  Designer Dana Donofree is the one who started AnaOno, she herself being a breast cancer survivor.

The designer decided that AnaOno would fix the gap in the lingerie market regarding the options for women who had had breast surgery, mastectomy or breast reconstruction, as they require versatile and comfy bras.

AnaOno + Cancerland New York Fashion Week ShowSource:

The show was unique as every woman that walked down the runway had had some kind of breast intervention, from a lumpectomy ( a type of surgery where parts of the breast are removed) to unilateral and bilateral mastectomies either with or without reconstruction. Some of them had successfully beat cancer, while others were still fighting the disease.

The fashion show managed to showcase the lingerie designs through 16 cancer survivors/ fighters. Its main aim was to highlight that breast cancer does not discriminate. She used women of different ages, races and sizes to prove the idea. The women showcased the beautiful designs on the runway and making them come to life, proving once again that you don’t have to be a top model to walk at NYFW.

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I guess it is time for us to say our last goodbyes to New York Fashion Week. Well, at least till September when we get to see the collections for Spring/ Summer 2018. Until then we are looking forward to London Fashion Week, which starts tomorrow so keep on checking EgomediaTV for the latest updates about it.