Morning or evening exercise – which one is more effective?

When was the last time you got up at 6 am to get training done before work? Most would probably answer ‘never’. It does not matter what time of day you choose for training, as long as you are a regular and dedicated to the training. Or not? Time of day and the effectiveness of exercise are linked, especially when it comes to weight loss, explains Albert Matheny, co-owner of the study to exercise SoHo Lab and kinesiologist. Although not a direct impact on the consumption of calories, there are differences regarding the selection of the day.


  • If you are a early bird – Early-morning exercise has no direct influence on the consumption of calories, but those who exercise in the morning mainly in general practice more, ‘says Matheny. This is the time of day before the start of all your obligations when you can peacefully concentrate on exercise, and usually are less crowded in the gym. The problem with exercise in the afternoon is that it can often happen to you is that at the last minute of burst, some additional commitments appear at work or friends calling you for coffee, then you might miss your exercise.

Sometimes you will simply say: ‘Moss, I’m too tired’, and skip going to exercise. Therefore, it is better to do the training in the morning, that will awaken you and help you to easily get through another day.

  • If you are a night bird – There is nothing wrong in the evening exercise, indeed, sweating after a stressful day will help you reduce the level of cortisol in the blood, the main culprit for stress. Since it is scientifically proven that chronic stress prevents weight loss and, in fact, conducive to weight gain, you do realize that you need to take advantage of every opportunity to cut back, says Matheny. Just make sure you are not skipping the workouts. In designing training schedule is the most important, remember, your lifestyle.

It is clear that some work from 6 in the morning, and the other always pick the afternoon for their exercise and you are not completely free to choose the time of  your exercise. Therefore adjust exercise to your own pace and practice when you are ‘physically and mentally most ready for it’ Matheny recommended.