What your perfume says about you? 6 common scents that people like to pick!

Citrus is loved by the leaders, roses are loved by extremely cautious people. Here’s what other odors mean!

When you know what kind of perfume someone loves, then you can find out a lot more about them, says Alan R. Hirsch, neurologist and psychiatrist who specializes in smells and loss of the smells. – At the first date after you feel the perfume or cologne you can immediately learn more about the personality of your partner. Although, on a first date people often pick the wrong scent because they try too hard – explained Hirsch for Reader’s Digest.

  1. Citrus lovers are born leaders, we are talking about people who are very ambitious, born leaders and are very determined. For them you can usually say that they are either alpha male or alpha female. They take the initiative if they are in a group and in front of a challenge. Other people may experience them as aggressive and dominant at times. But there is nothing shameful in ambition at work and love life, said Dr. Hirsch. p12242782
  2. Rose notes prefer careful/cautious people, these people are prone to self-perception of their own mental processes and the needs of others. They tend to weigh all the options before making a decision – says Dr. Hirsch. They are not impulsive but naturally cautious and prefer to take the time to consider the situation. Because of this, you have very few situations in life that make you regret.
  3. Fans of vanilla very lively people, energetic people who are the soul of entertainment. They love to dance, drink, meet new people and hang out in a fun atmosphere. Weekend home is not your ‘thing’ because you would rather spend the night in the city – explains dr. Hirsch.60953w.jpg
  4. Who loves sandalwood has high goals – total perfectionists, two words that best describe these people, says Dr. Hirsch. You are your own worst critic in a lifetime. And, although this feature is very exhausting for you alone, you are right about that.
  5. Who likes the smell of jasmine – wild at heart, these people yearn for new and exciting events. They are provocative and they love to have a good time. They remain there until the sun comes out, ending in unexpected places, love to dance and none of them cares what people think about them. They do not want to waste a minute of this life doing boring things.2277419
  6. Fans of gardenia are a real support, they prefer a solid and secure connection. More than leaders they are companions, but they are also team players and like to pamper others. They have a long-term relationship and friendship and never lose contact with loved ones, regardless of physical distance.