Do you know why cellulite occurs only in certain places?

Cellulite is hated, but very common and harmless phenomenon. This is something which 90 percent of women have an issue with and hide it from others. Many facts associated with cellulite are shrouded in a cloud of mystery.

What exactly is cellulite? How does it occur? Why does it appear only in certain places?

It is formed due to the increasing volume of fat cells which then through weakened connective tissue penetrate the surface of the skin and form folds that look like orange peel, as it is often called. Simply put, cellulite is a skin that is worn to the point of floating fat cells manage to penetrate into the dermis and become visible on the skin surface. Although it may sound strange, the cellulite is best thought of as a process and not just as a result.


This ‘process’ is contributed mostly by fat – excess fat cells increase the possibility that we will see soon see orange peel on our thighs, hips, buttocks or abdomen, where it most often occurs. A key role in the formation of the hated cellulite and the hormone estrogen, which usually stimulates the body to produce more fat, which makes it clear why the cellulite in most cases occurs only in women. Cellulite is not big of a problem for men, only 10% of the men have it and they do not seem to be bothered by that at all!

The whole story is, of course, indispensable and genetics – cellulite tendency can be inherited. Mostly occurs after puberty, and all the more noticeable as we age and how the elasticity of our skin weakens. Women who have a predisposition to cellulite due to genetics and hormones mostly accumulate the most fat in the thighs and butt.


If you are from those who have issues with fat which is collected in the abdomen or in other parts of the body, then you will have more cellulite. It may not be a revolutionary explanation, but it works. Although cellulite is the most natural part of growing up and aging, many mind it and feel extremely insecure about it.


The ultimate solution for orange peel does not exist, but its visibility can reduce massage, which stimulates circulation, dial dietary antioxidants, regular exercise, and beauty products to maintain skin elasticity. Results of anti-cellulite products are noticed only after a few weeks and effective are those containing active ingredients such as retinol, which promotes elasticity, accelerating cell renewal and collagen production.


The creams are often found with caffeine, ivy and menthol that help in excretion of water and horse chestnut, which increases circulation.