It’s been only an hour and a half from your last meal, but you are already hungry? Discover why!

The feeling of hunger is a real signal to the body that is impossible to ignore, but there are people who feel hungry even though they recently ate and logically they should be fed enough. Is it ordinary gluttony or mixed signals of the brain is a key thing to discover.

Sleeping – Permanent hunger can be the result of a sleepless night. Lack of sleep has been associated with high levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates the desire for food, and the body in such moments requires foods rich in carbohydrates and high calorie food. This way, it wants to replace the energy that you did not get by sleep. This is why people who do not get enough sleep tend to be obese.


The day before – if you woke up V hungry, fault is the food you ate the day before. You probably ate way too much. Extreme eating dramatically changes blood sugar levels causing brain to think that the body needs more food, that is not full.

During PMS – PMS increases the production of progesterone which is followed by the constant desire for food. In addition to an increase in appetite, progesterone promotes dissatisfaction with their appearance and body.


Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so be careful what you eat. If you do not eat enough in the morning, the body will continually look for more. It is best to start a food rich in protein and fiber, which gives a longer feeling of satiety. This will prevent the constant urge to reach for snacks and desserts. Breakfast of 300-400 calories will Hundo P satiate you to the lunch. Disruption of hormones in case of excessive feelings of hunger that can not be controlled, the cause may be a disorder of the hormone in the form of excessive labor thyroid and similar conditions, and that you must visit your doctor.

The body thirst – thirst reacts similarly to the groundlessness, but requires energy that is lacking. This often manifests itself as hunger, although this is actually only thirst. It is easiest to recognize: imagine a big meal, and if it does not seem appealing, replace it with water. Experts in slimming  also recommend drinking a glass of water before meals because it reduces appetite. So far neurotransmitter dopamine runs the body and is associated with motivation and stimulation. It makes you feel good when eating, but then it brings boredom or discontent, the brain searches for food in order to stimulate the production of dopamine.

Stress – desire for food under stress is actually an evolutionary heritage. When under stress the heart beats faster, the muscles are warm and once they calm down your body needs to rest and feels a lack of energy, which is provided by the food. There is a desire for fatty foods and foods that are high in sugar.

Drugs – drugs such as those for arthritis or allergy stimulate appetite. Once you stop using them, the desire for food will be reduced, but if you have some chronic diseases and you notice this, you should visit your doctor. Studies have confirmed that the number of drugs that have side effects like heightened appetite increased from one in ten to one in four.