MANICURE AS JEWELRY: Doing nails that took 300 HOURS!

The guiding principle of recent magazine brand The Blonds represented us with manicure as jewelry. New York fashion house every year in collaboration with Creative Nail Design, the global leader in manicure, presents an enchanting nails and all who follow trends impatiently wait for their show.


Nails remind of reminiscent of crystals by looks, but instead they were made of real precious stones, made of their powder. Each one is hand painted to make it more like agate and for their preparation many hours were required – THE CRAZY 300 hours!


The design team behind the New York brand, David and Phillipe Blond, decided it would be the only manicure jewelry designs to wear in order to be in the forefront. – For this show we have rejected bracelets and rings because we wanted the nails to be the focus – they said after the show at Fashion Week in New York. Unique nails were created exclusively with products of the brand CND, other than those that reminded us reminiscent of precious stones, the focus was found with nails with beads wrapped wire. These nails looks stunning, but really – 300 hours? Who would do that, and how much you would actually have to pay for these? We do like how it all looks, but 300 hours is a lil’ bit too much, don’t you think?