Why do people spend $132,000 for these shoes?

If you go into Buscemi’s boutique in Manhattan the first thing you will see is five gilded pyramid. In any shop it would have been intriguing scene, but in a boutique with footwear that is a lil’ bit shocking. The founder of the eponymous company, Jon Buscemi says that the pyramids have a marketing purpose. ‘This is a mix that shows the shoes or the Egyptian roots of luxury’ said Buscemi for CNN. While on the one hand he refers to the historical roots of luxury, the largest pyramid proudly boasts considerably more modern things. In fact, there are unique white sneakers decorated with diamonds that are sold for a staggering $ 132,000. Well-made shoes, but also shows the kind of strategy that Buscemi decided when he started his company three years ago. While some less flashy fashions played worse and worse, Buscemi and like him, turned to the luxury sector, such as emphasized shopping experience and unique features well-made products.


Sneakers were supposed to be just an art project where he wanted to show the luxury performance in everyday objects such as previously mentioned sneakers or leather leashes for dogs. Buscemi’s brand was then born and has made more than 30 different models of sneakers for all ages, and prices are mostly hovered around $ 1,000.


As for advertising, Buscemi very rarely resorts to it. Much rather relies on satisfied customers to recommend his products to family and friends. Each pair of shoes is produced in the twenty hours of work which ensures the quality, but also a small number of copies available in the market. Such strategy is diametrically opposite approach which embraced the big players such as Gucci and Chanel. The first series of luxury shoes was manufactured in 600 copies, and since then the production is constantly growing. Today he products thousand pairs of sneakers a month and selling them in 37 countries worldwide. Revenues are kept as snake legs, but some large private investors have shown their trust and invested substantial sums of money. As for those unique sneaker in the beginning of our story, they have found a buyer. ‘It is great to find a character who will buy these shoes’ said Buscemi. Oh? It surely is great being paid $132,000 for a pair of shoes!