FORGET ABOUT THESE FOODS if you want to have nice and clean face!

As you know, problems in facial skin usually occur because of inadequate food intake. We have to be careful and take care of what we eat if we want our face to be clean and nice, no pimples and other problems.


Forget these foods and enjoy a smooth face and a beautiful complexion. When you see the effects, you will realize that it was worth the sacrifice.

Coffee – Caffeine is a diuretic to why we are losing water, which is why our skin ends up dehydrated. Of course, you do not completely remove the coffee from your days, but put it to a minimum and instead try to consume hot water with lemon.

Canned tuna – This tuna is grown and lacks nutrients that normally caught fish has. It is also full of mercury, which can cause food poisoning. Instead, eat smoked salmon.

Soup from a bag – It is full of sodium and makes your skin retain water after which it will act bloated and drained. It badly affects the endocrine system and may disrupt hormones. In the soup out of the bag there is a lot of chemical substances that pollute our skin and cause inflammation.

Cow cheese – Cow cheese is full of cow hormones which trigger hormones that are expressed as acne. The primary problem is the fact that the cow produces imitate work of male hormones in your body. If you like dairy products, go for goat cheese instead.

Juice – Of course it is not about the squeezed juice, which is V recommended. Cut out all purchasing juices and sodas from the application. Some juices contain up to 50 grams of sugar! Sweeteners, dehydrated fruits and color are used in the production and these are extremely unhealthy for your skin.

Crackers and processed carbohydrates –  Cut out foods that stimulate insulin, which further promotes the formation of pimples. There is white bread, sugary cereals, pasta, white rice, white sugar sweetened food in it and you really do not need it at all!


Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy food and see the changes on your skin and your body! Cutting out these foods will also help you out when it comes to losing weight!