How to choose the perfect bra for training?!

Invest in a good and comfortable sports bra because otherwise you risk stretching, lowering and breast tenderness. Breast sizes C, D and more are looking for maximum support and comfort. Choose a bra with separate baskets because they hold the breasts separated, reduce possible irritation and excessive range of motion.


Owners of larger busts would best suit bra with wide straps because it helps distribute the weight properly and will not cause pain in the shoulders. It is best to choose a model of elastin or polyester which are expandable and offer maximum flexibility during exercise. For women with larger breasts are ideal and bras with a buckle at the back because they are easily adaptable.

For owners breast size that fit into A and B of the basket is the best ally bra without buckles on the back because they are elastic and comfortable, and in this case you need no separate basket. The problem will not create thin or crossed straps that will compress the breast to the body, but also allow the skin to breathe.


You got a problem with sweating, certainly forget about materials such as cotton, which holds moisture and sweat. A better choice of bras from synthetics, while net fabrics are excellent in the fight against sweat because they work like ventilation. But if you do intense training, does not care about the size of the breast, but only take care that you have better support sports bra. If it comes to activities such as horseback riding, running or basketball, experts advise wearing two bras to avoid major pain or discomfort.