London Fashion Week says it: Post-its are IN

Art is everywhere, from the museums to the fashion world and it is becoming more and more present in our daily lives. Modern art has the purpose of giving a new meaning to everyday objects and it seems that this time, post it notes were the ones chosen. We all use them everyday, whether to remind ourselves to buy milk, call somebody or take the trash out. However, we never really thought of using them to decorate our clothes.Imagini pentru fyodor golan london fashion week 2017Source:

Fashion designer Fyodor Golan managed to give clothing a new light by using post it notes to adorn it. In the designer’s fashion show, the clothes sent different messages such as: “I like you”, “love is love” or “buy milk”. Post it notes were given a new meaning and in the process the person wearing them became his or her own message to the world.

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So now you know it. If you want to send some subliminal message to your crush, you can simply wear a post it note on your blouse, or on your pants, or basically on any piece of clothing. The same can be done if you want to remember something like: “buy eggs”. You put a post it note on you and people will involuntarily read them and remind you. Who needs an agenda, when you yourself can become one. If you have a meeting at 5: simply post it on yourself “meeting at 5”.

Post-it notes are so now.Source:

The fashion world is changing and in a good way. If once high fashion  was only available for a certain category of people, nowadays it is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. Just think about it. These looks are simple to reinterpret or to imitate. Take off the post it notes that you have on the fridge, put them on and tadaaa: you are making a fashion statement, even if you are simply saying “buy bread”.