Rolls-Royce Produces Final Edition of Phantom With a Golden Age of Travel Inspired Model

British luxury automobile manufacturer and distributor Rolls Royce has produced its final model of the legendary “Phantom” series at its facility in Goodwood, United Kingdom.

Now I am not entirely sure if this comes as good news or a bad news to luxury car lovers.
To me it’s both actually.

As a matter of fact, the British automakers had announced in 2016 that their well-known Phantom production is likely to end with their new phase under BMW. So for some it may not seem to be a shock.

This is after almost 90 years that the automakers are producing the final version of Phantom, ever since they introduced it in the year 1925. Back then it was known as the “New Phantom” and it quickly rose to fame becoming the “most fabled name in luxury”, mainly because it was the first choice for some of the most discerning and influential figures in the society.

Later on, the Phantom series of Rolls Royce was released at different times in the following decades and it was almost 13 years back that they introduced Phantom VII, which is the seventh and final edition in the series.

The Phantom VII


The Phantom VII is being produced with the perfect theme – the golden age of travel which literally defined the model.
Some of its details include 1930’s ocean liners with a nautical theme which goes out and meets the color scheme as well. There is also a tone-on-tone embroidery which perfectly depicts the natural movement of the sea.

It also includes a cabin clock that is designed in a kind of radio clock style found only on ocean liners. What’s more, it can show up to 24 time zones, and all the driver has to do is to set the zone and personalize the clock irrespective of where they are in the world.

The final Phantom is colored Blue Velvet, offset by pin stripes as well as a solid Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament.


The send-off

As a part of the send-off for the Phantom series, there will be a Phantom Zenith Collection of collectors’ vehicles which will include up to 50 vehicles. It will also have the Phantom Drophead Coupe and the Phantom Coupe models as well, some last examples of the models ever built.
In fact, the collection is intended as a celebration for these two legendary vehicles – “two of the rarest and best-loved luxury goods in the world.”
The sad news though, is that it is all going to be phased out of production.

For now, let’s still bask in the glory of Phantom VII.

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