8 signs that your style is boring! – How to solve that issue?!

Spring is very close, we believe that you are, like we are, bored and already exhausted of all the best winter combinations. Did you run out of ideas and inspiration? Or you have not yet admitted that you are not really a styling expert?

Here are a few tricks by which you can identify:

1. In your wardrobe is dominated by only 2-3 styles. For example – skinny jeans in several colors, clothes that do not require ironing and classic shirts

2. You are the master of ‘uniforms’.When was the last time you went out without favorite black ankle, adidas sneakers and boyfriend jeans high waist?

Picture 2.png

3. Repeatedly repeat outfits. We all know what we call ‘casual Friday’

4. Your little black dress has become indispensable. Classic is classic for a reason, right? Not if you wear it every week!

5. Allegiance is to the same brands. You know all saleswoman names and receive discounts at the expense of the quantity of purchased items in a store?

6. Buying erratic. Yet you never have anything to wear?

7. Your wardrobe is completely monochrome. Among black is found perhaps and some shade of gray

8. You do not remember the last time you changed the bag. Or hairstyle? Or sunglasses?


Did you find yourself in some of these characters? You did? Do not worry, we have a few solutions for your problem.

1. Assemble the list. Write down all the basic pieces that you own and the ones that you need. Black jacket, a good pair of jeans, a white shirt, gray t-shirt … always pays to invest in quality pieces that form the foundation of any wardrobe.

2. Find your muse. Follow the Instagram profiles of girls whose style inspires you and pick the pieces that you would love to wear – you do not have to buy the same piece, pick your own, something similar!


3. Street style is always a good inspiration.Social networks like Instagram and Pinterest are always rich and full of stylistic creativity. Keep the photos of your favorite combinations and let them serve you as a reminder when you have no idea about what to wear.

4. Treat yourself to a trendy piece. You can buy each piece for the next ten years. One statement detail will be excellent refreshment to your favorite classics.

5. Challenge yourself! Try and combine everything you own in the closet. If you are unable to find a piece of good combination or you do not feel good about it – toss it. Do not keep the pieces you know you will never really wear.