Clothes are the visualization of our lifestyle!

Fashion house JONES

Quality materials, capacity and convenience of design are what the Austrian fashion house Jones puts in the first place. They recognized that many women who, once they detect it, remain faithful to the renowned fashion brand.

Its successful trajectory Jones started knitting, which has remained the cornerstone of the brand and where every client returns satisfied. Today the fashion house Jones designes exclusively for modern, confident women and their production is based on truly wearable design. Creative director of the brand Doris Rose, that has the endless inspiration in the everyday life of modern women, checks each piece on her own and tries out each of them before they go into production. She draws the motives from the trends of world fashion capitals like Milan and Paris, but because of that she does not sacrifice individuality pursued by every woman.

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Fashion house Jones places 4 collections in a year to safely provide their customers with a wide range of different products. Design fashion house Jones will select women of any age, body composition and style that foster a classic and sophisticated day look. Because clothing is a reflection of lifestyle and fashion company Jones shows that style in the best light.

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About Fashion house Jones

Fashion house signed Jones is exclusively a family business, run for 45 years entirely of family rows. The whole story began in 1960 when Karl Rose took over the company and focused on the export and import of the materials. In 1972 Gabor Rose entered the job and started production of modern women’s clothing under the name ‘JP Jones’.


Today Gabor Rose is a General Manager, while the position of creative director was taken over by Doris Rose. The first store was opened in the mid 90’s in the heart of Vienna. Success has come quickly, with that business only grew until the opening of the first franchise. Entering the 21st century fashion house Jones modernized and opened the online store. Today, Jones shops are at over 100 locations including the one in Roses Designer Outlet Center.