Katy Perry and CoverGirl Launch New Mermaid Inspired Collection of Makeup

When it comes to daring and unusually different beauty looks in Hollywood, we have a few regular names popping up in our head, right?

And one of those names is definitely, the beautiful and talented Katy Perry. We also have Rihanna and of course Lady Gaga sporting different looks in the red carpet.

Katy Perry has undoubtedly been Hollywood’s “mermaid” for a long time now, what with her colourful rainbow hair and beauty looks rocking the red carpet time and again. She wore those bold looks much before they became the Instagram norm.
And I feel, if anyone can bring in more creativity and bright ideas in to the beauty industry, it would definitely be Katy Perry.

She is bringing all her talent and enthusiasm for creating unique beauty looks, as well as her special interest for mythical sea creatures in to the beauty industry for all of us too experience.
She has co-created a mermaid-inspired line of makeup with cosmetics giant CoverGirl to be launched this year.

katy-1Source: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Katy-Perry-CoverGirl-Collaboration-2017-43153159?ref=43023130#photo-43153166

Katy Perry has been the face of CoverGirl for quite some time now, and she has since, collaborated with the brand to design products once last summer. This would be her second collaboration with CoverGirl cosmetics.

The collection

The new collection includes four new eyeliners out of which two will be out in Spring and two in Summer, four new lipsticks and two shades of eye shadow-highlighter duos. They will be in stores by April and on the site Covergirl.com by early March.

On one of her interviews with POPSUGAR, Katy Perry said, “In the next evolution of my Katy Kat Line with CoverGirl, I was inspired by Spring’s upcoming mermaid and pearlescent hues. There are new fun and cheerful colors ranging from peachy Apricat to a Bluetiful Lip, shimmery highlighters in rose and gold, and a pop of Whispurr white or Permaid green to line your eyes.”

Katy has not left out classic lovers either. She has put some glitter in black liners for a dramatic look. You can create a number of full glam looks with those glitter liners including the classic smokey eye.

katy-2Source: http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/grammys/7686237/katy-perry-grammy-red-carpet-dress-2017

She did wear her creations for the Grammy’s night on the red carpet, and yes, the look stole many hearts all over the world.

So let’s wait eagerly until March and head on to the CoverGirl website to order some Katy Kat products.

Image source: http://nailthataccent.com/katy-kat-collection/