Pat McGrath Does It Again With 80’s Inspired Blue Eye Shadow And It Looks Stunning

The New York Fashion Week is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion events in the world. And surely enough, it stands witness to some of the most revolutionary fashion trends as well as beauty tricks in the industry.

In the same way, designers and makeup artists also launch some of their prized creations in the fashion week, some of which become a new trend and transcend the fashion week runways.

There are many designers and makeup artists who are known to create such long-lasting trends in the runway each year.
Pat McGrath is one such makeup artist who never fails to pleasantly surprise us with her beauty techniques and makes a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers as well as the wearers of her makeup on the show.
She had launched one of the first holographic highlighters and the idea of glitter lips on one fashion week, both of which went on to become all-time favorites of makeup lovers all over the world. She tested these trends on the runway first and then released products for DIY later.

This year Pat McGrath has done it yet again, at the Miu Miu New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 show. She did the makeup for super models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, with fairly pigmented blue eye shadows and burgundy stained lips. It is indeed a dramatic and edgy eye makeup look, which is why everyone expects it to become another “glitter lips”.

Looks like it is going to be the next new and innovative creation of her brand. A few of her Instagram posts from backstage read “Coming soon from Pat McGrath Labs “ and “#StayTuned”.


Well, I’m sure all women who love dramatic eye looks (and by that I mean all the women in the world), would definitely be “staying tuned” to their Instagram to see when the launch is. And I also see some passionate makeup artists looking to create glam beauty looks with the Pat McGrath eye shadow very soon.