You are using the medicines for weight loss? You need to know this!

Medicines for weight loss are good helpers if you are not expecting results overnight or revolutionary weight loss without any sacrifices. There are more and more products on the market, which ‘promise’ quick weight loss and losing weight, but we are in big doubt that the products you choose are both healthy and effective.


In addition to products which focus on the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger, meal replacement products, which mainly provide the necessary proteins and carbohydrates with little or no fat, there are also a variety of agents that increase the creation and release of heat. They work by raising the body temperature, which forces the body to burn more energy than you would normally spend to maintain a lower body temperature. The most famous member of this group is caffeine.

There is evidence, that the thermogenic effect of caffeine stimulates the release of fat from fat cells and their entry into the blood stream. Increasingly, the products used for weight loss and green tea extract, which activates the oxidation of fat.


Although anyone who decides to go on a diet, aim to lose more body fat, make sure it is not more than two pounds a month! The monthly liver can process only two pounds of fat, which will reduce your basal metabolism, which could lead to an increase in permanent danger of getting kilograms. In order to quickly lose weight and achieve the desired figure, people often resort to a variety of dietary supplements for weight loss, the so-called. ‘Fat burner’. As much as advertised effectiveness of these products, it is very important that with their consuming you still keep on doing intense aerobic workouts, otherwise ‘fat burner’ will have negligible impact on the reduction of fat in the body.