5 Big mistakes that we do when drying hair with a blow dryer!

For successful drying it is most important to know the texture of your own hair. Then the proper use of hair care products comes into the question.

The combination of these two factors leads to hair styles with which you will be satisfied and achieve perfect results.


Can we prevent the errors that we often do when drying our hair?

  1. Applying hair products on a completely wrong way – Our conditioners are not evenly distributed, conditioners for handling and pronounced volume. When applying this product, make sure you avoid the area around the top of the head and ‘hold’ in the lower part of the length of hair. Hair can be divided into several parts on and on each thoroughly apply the desired product. Also make sure that their lovely smell and texture do not carry you away, and not to apply too much of the product.
  2. Use a hair dryier of poor quality – Invest in quality models that have more power and cannot quickly overheat. The right hair dryier should give you a good ‘stand’ in hand and should not be too difficult to use.
  3. Stylizing hair with the wrong brush – If you want more volume, do not use excessive brush. Be sure to select smaller brush as you will with them to get better volume hairstyles. For straightening obtain a quality thick round brush.With the correct pressure during drying, it will easily tame your curls.
  4. Rushing to dry your hair – Many women begin drying as soon as they finish the shower, but it is important that prior to drying you remove the water from the hair. First try to do it with your hands and then wrap them in a towel to pick up excess water.
  5. Start drying on the back of the head – Always go to the front of the head but slightly progress towards the rear. That way you will gently and evenly manage to tame your hair that is along the hairline, which is often messy and make us ‘annoyed’