5 Eternal trends that are never outdated and forgotten!

In the sea of various trends that come and go, there are several of them that never go out of fashion.

  1. Cuts that highlight the female figure – French designer Christian Dior in 1947, presented his first collection which was Carmel Snow, the former chief editor of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, gave it a new name ‘New Look’. His full skirts and waisted jackets have created a beautiful feminine silhouette and accentuate curves, and at the time of domination of ‘manly’ cuts it was a bit shocking design. Regardless of the changes in fashion, this trend steadily succeed because it flatters the female figure without any exceptions.bbc3cc52f0bfec6ff53bb19b98db4b13.jpg
  2. Minimalism – To Pierre Cardin 1946. Christian Dior gave the place of a tailor in his fashion house. Young Cardin also has the merit of the revolutionary ‘New Look’, but in his own collections he delighted everyone by completely different design. His clothes had v simple lines. Clean, almost geometric cuts combined with mostly monochromatic color palette in the ’60’s marked the (temporary) end luxury fashion and beginning of the rule of minimalism. The functionality of this fashion direction was best demonstrated by Audrey Hepburn, a good example of a lover of strict lines and simplicity that has always resulted in maximum amount of elegance.61329418-pierre-cardin.jpg
  3. Animal pattern – The history of animal pattern on clothing does not start a nice story. During the colonization of Europeans in their own homeland, they began to bring the skin and fur of exotic animals such as leopards, tigers and zebras. The fascination with fur led to a sample playback on a variety of materials. The above-mentioned fashion wizard Dior was among the first to design their creations and began to use animal pattern instead of real fur. Today they offer pieces of clothing or accessories with this pattern in the shops of commercial fashion brands who depend largely on current trends. However, no matter what, you will never go wrong if you take out of the closet an old scarf, jacket or shirt with animal pattern and with her top up your outfit.fashion-trends-2012-animal-prints.jpg
  4. Cuts in military style – Military cuts are complete opposite of the gorgeous feminine cuts, but they carry a strong message of emancipation. Military clothing style traditionally ‘belongs’ to men, and women by adopting this style say: ‘We can do anything you do’. Waist jacket or long coat in very strict style, often accented shoulders with prominent gold or silver buttons make every woman ready for the battle against inequality.61329426-vojnicki-stil.jpg
  5. Floral – Mother nature gave the designers this timeless inspiration. Floral pattern Europeans stole from Japanese who decorate their kimonos by painting the flower shapes. In the 15th century the Italian Genoa was one of the first centers of production of luxurious silk velvet that was often enriched with a floral pattern. He will always be a symbol of femininity and can be interpreted in countless ways and is so easy to customize to suit everyone.maxresdefault.jpg