KATY PERRY and the new shoe collection!

When last year the singer Katy Perry announced that she is becoming a shoe designer, at least briefly, people were all a bit skeptical. But yesterday’s launch of the collection surprised all the skeptics.


Everyone should be able to find at least one pair. There are many situations when celebrities decide to expand the business to some of the products under its own name; perfumes, handbags, fashion line, underwear or shoes. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. In the case of charismatic Katy Perry critics agreed that her shoe collection is V successful. The famous singer gave the ideas and her own personality, and the result is a colorful collection of shoes with a sense of humor.


The high heels are prevailing, and each shoe is original in its own way. Cigars instead of heels, a sign of the US dollar or ballerinas in the form of a rabbit will definitely attract the eyes, and besides these ‘specific’ models, in the collection you can easily find very original and stylish shoes for every day.


Also models wearing the names of the women who inspired Katy Perry such as ‘Lena’ by Lena Dunham, ‘The AW’ by Allison Williams, and even Hillary Clinton received her model ‘Hillary’. Katy is normally a strong supporter of Hillary’s policies.

Prices range from 59 to 299 US dollars, and the singer has already announced a collection of fashion accessories coming in the future.