Kim Kardashian West congratulated Paris Hilton’s birthday!

They used to be best friends, but Kim was also and Paris assistant. At the birthday greeting card Kim took a photo of herself in a bra that seems like it will explode any second! Kim Kardashian (36) was ten years ago personal assistant of Paris Hilton (36). Although Kim is now degrading and does not like to talk about it, she wished her former best friend a happy birthday. For this occasion she wore a platinum blonde wig.- Blondes have more fun.


I always remember partying with Paris in Ibiza – says Kardashian. Kim with her former best friend hung out for Christmas. Paris and Kim then posed to dinner together and Paris wrote ‘Lovely evening celebrating the holidays with @Kim Kardashian’.

Are Paris and Kim going to party hard once again? Who knows, these two surely never failed to surprise the public, but if that makes them happy, who are we to judge! We wish you all the best for your birthday Paris!