Mulberry: Tradition Mixed with Modernity @London Fashion Week

Grandmas are usually seen as old and out of style. Well…I have some news for you: their closets might hide the key to being fashionable in this year’s cold season. Mulberry’s show at London Fashion Week showed us that “granny chic” is the new “it” style. So I guess that it is time to raid or grandma’s closets, right?

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Mulberry’s creative director, Johnny Coca, decided to focus on a chic style with modern parts influenced by the past for his third collection. This season’s collection was inspired by the country pursuits of the British aristocracy.  Starched classic riding tweeds were transformed into trendy oversize skirt suits adorned with lace details and combined with knee high boots.

A model presents a creation at the Mulberry catwalk show during London Fashion Week in London February 20, 2017. ― Reuters picSource:

In order to brighten up the collection, the fashion designer played with different types of romantic and floral prints by quilting them and tiering them. This made the Mulberry girl go out of the stables and into the meadows.

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Not only were the clothes an interesting aspect of the collection, but the shoes and bags made it come together in a harmonious way. They were the things that made the collection stick together and be as wonderful as it was. The accessories were the touch that might make even the queen jealous of them and it seems that all designers have something with fuzzy socks this year. I guess that we should start knitting some, as they will both keep us warm and make us look fashionable.

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Old fashion has become the latest trend. I guess that it is really true what they say: fashion is cyclical. Never throw away your clothes, because they might be in trend in a few years. This got me thinking. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve just called my grandma to tell her that I’m paying her a visit or better said, paying her closet a visit.