7 obsolete ‘beauty’ rules that you can feel free to break!

And not with a reason that the rules are there to break them – especially in the case of the seven ‘beauty’ commandments that today do not really apply. So, grab your cosmetic bag, do not hesitate to play with makeup and you break these rules!

1. Red lipstick and red hair do not go together


All you have to do is guess the shade of red that will suit you best. Also, when you have red hair and red lipstick in line let the rest of the makeup be neutral. That is, minimalist cheeks and eyes will then create a perfect balance with the hair and lips.

2. Avoid shimmering shades

Make-up would not be fun without at least a whiff of shimmering shades. Before you put such shades on your eyes, use the eyeliner to seal the look with a dark and matte dial. Then add shades beige or ivory that are shimmering, but not glittery. Focus on the inner corners of the eyes and the edge of the lower lashes to achieve the refined appearance of the eyes without going overboard.

3. Excessive compliance is not good.

Absolute compliance is a perfect fit for all, while compliance in which the difference is only one shade will generally not look good. For example, dark red hue and shade maroon do not look well together despite being derived from the same color. In this case, select a piece of clothing and makeup that are identical.

4. Scarves are reserved for hippies


Perfect bohemian addition to any outfit is a scarf for your hair. In addition, it serves as a great thing for those days when you are not going wash your hair or you do not have any inspiration for the hairstyles, and would like to do something with your hair. Any time you want to wear a scarf, you do that!

5. You must tame your hair

There is nothing wrong in messy hair and strands that fly in all directions. Sometimes it is just not a day to iron your hair or use a variety of preparations, so these days let your hair to rest and nourish casual look with messy bun for example.

6. Pink hair is childish


If you want to experiment and you are thinking about coloring hair in pink, feel free to and do it. As long as the shade is not neon tone, but rather belongs to the pastel spectrum, it will look sophisticated, not like someone who is stuck in the teenage stage of coloring their hair every month with different color.

7. Dark lipstick will make you look older

It is true that you will look older if the lipstick  is dark color and combined with vintage hair and make-up that makes you pale. However, with dark lipstick you can not go wrong if you use make-up that will give you a healthy glow to your face with a simple haircut as low tail.