Motivation is a key element of success when it comes to weight loss!

If you decided to start the process of weight loss, it is very important to know that it is indeed a change in lifestyle. The very process of weight loss is extremely complex and as such it drags with it many aspects and requirements.

Weight loss is a lifestyle change, if you cannot accept that as the whole process of change, then your weight loss will be short – term achievement and a source of frustration and disappointment later. If you want to change your eating habits and exercise every day, you will have to change many things in everyday life, and with it – seek the support of those who will be encouraging to you.


If you accept that the road will be a lot of difficulties and obstacles that you will jump, then it will be less stressful and much more successful. Motivation is a key element of success!

People generally want to change for many reasons, they can be internal (health, a sense of satisfaction, sense of achievement), or can be external (beautiful appearance, environmental approval, a smaller dress size). Usually it is a combination of reasons, which you are very probably aware of. It is important to know how those factors work, and how and when to use them, it will be important for you in the process.The change you will achieve – the same will also reflect on your understanding of yourself, your satisfaction, sense of achievement, but also on your environment. In addition, your motivation will depend on well defined objectives in the beginning of the process of change, but also in monitoring and modification of the same goals in the process.


However, you have to be aware that your motivation will change on a daily basis. Ups and downs are part of the weight losing process and will surely have an impact on how you change. Everything is expected on the road to weight loss, there will be ups and downs, crises and moments of enthusiasm. It is important to know that every process, including this one, has a phase through which you pass. The process begins with a moment of reflection on the change, weighing, seeking social support, research resources, and finally the first steps or action.


Where people usually make mistakes, is when they think that the action process is completed. In fact, the action begins with a real challenging part of the way, where are your perseverance and motivation are put to the test. Then you are in a stage in which you maintain your change, or you face the occasional loss, small personal defeat and return to the old. When the process of weight loss ends? Many wonder how does the completion of the process look like? It is true that the process ends at the time when you made a radical change, a new so-called lifestyle is not a challenge but a pleasure. Similarly, the idea is to continue to live with a new look, but also a new style and you – set new goals.