To’ak Chocolate – A real taste of the chocolate! The most expensive chocolate in the world!

Although spending $ 270 on a 50 g chocolate may not be the wisest thing you can do, we believe that you would certainly enjoy it!


To’ak chocolate, now appeared in the ‘ripe’ variant, and as you may already know, this is the oldest of the lowest population of cocoa. Declared as the most expensive chocolate in the world, the bitter sweet treat comes from Ecuador, and is known for its refined texture and intriguing taste. Produced from the finest cocoa and sugar cane, the ‘vintage’ chocolate has reached its perfect state, because of intricate techniques used in its production. It is available in three flavors: black, light and first edition. Dark chocolate is made from 80.5% cocoa , while the lighter contains a concentration of 73%. Most of all is certainly First edition variant, which works with a concentration of 81% cocoa. Each of these mature chocolates is produced in a limited edition of just 250 chocolate bars weighing around 50 grams. Chefs who are artists in restaurants with Michelin stars often use just this type of chocolate in their culinary experiments.


Chocolate comes packaged in handmade wooden boxes of Spanish oak, and includes a tool for tasting. Priced at $ 270, probably tastes like a real taste of chocolate life. Would you ever spend $270 on 50 grams of chocolate? We are huge fans of it ourselves, but we believe an ordinary chocolate bar is just enough to please our tongue. Don’t you think?