A Destiny’s Child Reunion That Will Take Us Back to The Exotic 90’s

Beyonce is having some of the best days of her life lately. Just a few weeks back she announced her pregnancy through social media and boy has she been happy since then! We have been seeing her spending quality time with her family and giving all of us some serious family goals.

After that came the Grammy’s.
We all thought it was kind of a bummer when she didn’t get to take home Album of the year on Sunday. But she left us all spell bound with her epic performance!
Apart from that there were also a million tweets and pieces championing Lemonade on her behalf. That should have made her day.

Well if it didn’t, then what Adele did, sure as hell would have.

In her acceptance speech, Adele basically said that Queen Bey deserved the Grammy and that she should have been the one who got the award.
Now that sounds better than actually winning a Grammy doesn’t it?

So in spite of not winning the award, Beyonce still came out on top during the week.

But that’s not the best part!

What we all still can’t get over is her reunion with her old group Destiny’s Child.

This has been something that we’ve all been waiting for!

It was Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles, who introduced her daughter at the awards ceremony and shared a picture of her with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams – two other members of Destiny’s Child and besties of Beyonce.
Wouldn’t it have been fun to catch up with old friends, just when you think you couldn’t get happier?

The reunion took place at Solange’s Grammy’s After Party where they celebrated Beyonce’s 22nd Grammy win. She won Best Music Video for “Formation” and Best Urban Contemporary Album for “Lemonade“.

The caption on Knowles’s Instagram post went “Destiny’s children with children ❤  look at those abs on Kelly”.

Source: https://celebsip.com/destinys-child-reunion-grammys-after-party/

Look at our very own Destiny’s Child looking as happy as ever. It really takes us back to the good ol’ 90’s doesn’t it?

destinys-child-2Source: https://celebsip.com/destinys-child-reunion-grammys-after-party/

Well Beyonce is totally rocking her pregnancy glow and Kelly and Michelle look gorgeous too.

Image source: http://www.thewrap.com/is-beyonce-planning-destinys-child-reunion-tour/