Gucci goes eccentric @Milan Fashion Week

London Fashion Week ended yesterday and it had some designs that left us thinking for a while, imagining how we would wear them. Today however, is a new day and it represents the start of a new Fashion Week, this time the destination is: Milan.  What really caught my eye this time was Gucci’s fashion show, which was truly mind boggling.

The thing about great artists, either designers, painters or musicians is that there is a fine line between absurdity and brilliance of their work. With Alessandro Michele in charge since two years ago, it seems that Gucci’s collections have become a combination of both.

For Milan Fashion Week, Gucci decided to present a fashion show with outfits made of T-shirts with slogans on them, colorful clothes, stick on pearls, animal designs that seem to be taken straight out of nursery wallpaper along with triangular silhouettes made us pinch ourselves every once in a while as we were not sure that what we were seeing was for real.

The show was incredibly massive as there were around 100 outfits presented, with 60 looks for men and around 40 for women. It was presented in Gucci’s imposing new headquarters, which represent a symbol of success.

As it is a bit hard to really describe the collections because there is so much going on, the video above might be the perfect thing that you could watch to have an overall idea about the show and what is in for Fall / Winter 2017.

I don’t know about what you guys think, but these outfits would definitely get you noticed and make you stand out from the crowd. They are colorful details for the gray and cold seasons that await. I will for one put them on my wishlist. Until then, I will simply fantasize about wearing them.