The dark lipsticks – 6 RULES and 10 SUGGESTIONS!

Trend of unusual lipsticks this year announced a number of well-known brands, including the famous house of Dior. Here are 6 rules and 10 suggestions!

Did you know that during the black-and-white film actress wore green lipstick? With the help of the red filter from the old cameras made their lips visually darker. Today, the green lipsticks do not really carry out such practical reasons, but because so says fashion: Trend unusual lipstick this year announced numerous, including the famous house of Dior.

For application of these lipsticks follow six important rules: 

  1. First properly do your face – Corrector is very important. Unusual lipsticks attract attention to your face, so all the small defects, dark circles and everything becomes much more visible.
  2. Balsam – use balsam on your lips and then moisten them with spices. Remember that vibrant shades highlight the imperfections on your lips.
  3. Do not use very hard makeup for your eyes – Lips should be the focus. You can draw a cat-like lines of the same color along the lower lash line, it would look interesting.
  4. Pen contour in the same color will be hard to find, therefore, an example of the lipstick is a good choice. It will give you volume and help you make the outline with his sharpened tip.
  5. Combine colors to your liking – For example, on top of hot pink roses, apply a little cold blue. Brush it properly.
  6. If you go out in black, dark purple or blue lipstick, apply a clear lipgloss with glitter. You will look V glamorous!

Our top dark lipstick choices!

1. Urban Decay, Vice, Pandemonium
2. Urban Decay, Vice, Blackmail
3. Urban Decay, Vice, Disturbed
4. Dior, Rouge Dior, #602 Visionary Matte
5. Dior, Rouge Dior, #962 Poison Matte
6. M.A.C, M.A.C х Chris Chang, Gold ХIХI
7. NYX, Soft Matte Lip Cream, Havana
8. NYX, Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, Havana
9. Smashbox, Always on Liquid Lipstick, Chill Zone
10. Lancome, Color Design, #388 Bow and Arrow