5 Awesome ideas on how to wear leggings in all daily occasions!

Leggings are certainly one of the most comfortable pieces that you own in the locker room. They are perfect for relaxing on the couch or for exercise, and women are increasingly reaching for them in their daily lives.

For fashion professionals leggings are definitely the most hated piece of clothing. Despite the fact that they would ban them in public, it seems leggings are becoming increasingly popular piece in the fashion industry. A large number of well-known brands produces them, and they are increasingly appearing on the catwalks and celebrities girls really adore them.So if you have not yet tried to wear leggings in public places in broad daylight, now is the right time!


1. Under tunics or dresses – Leggings in this case can serve as an excellent substitute for pantyhose. Also, leggings with a pattern or color are the easiest way to ‘revive’ the outfit.

2. In combination with longer sweater or shirt – For a casual look there is no better relationship of oversized shirts or sweaters and leggings. Add a large scarf and a jacket if you want to achieve the perfect combination of multi-layered without much thinking.


3. Under skirts – Another case when leggings can replace pantyhose. If you are not a fan of bright colors and prints, opt for leggings in a similar shade of your skirt to achieve a simple elegance.

4. Under the jacket or coat – In a hurry because you got to go to the city to meet with friends? Do not think too much, choose leggings because you will not be wrong. The appearance of this combination is very street style, and you will feel comfortable in your favorite jacket and leggings.


5. In combination with your favorite heels or ballet shoes – Whichever choice of footwear you make, leggings will always be a good choice.

Actually there is no limit when it comes to wearing leggings lately, at least until it is all well combined and with a good taste. Still, there are certain situations when they are not suitable garment and you should pick something else if you do not want to be judged.