SECRETS REVEALED! Three beauty looks Anastasia Steele had in ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

Although the film ‘Fifty Shades darker’ did not met the expectations of many fans and critics that were waiting for it, Anastasia Steele ( Dakota Johnson ), managed to arouse great interest of the female part of the audience.

Given the fact that since the film received numerous questions about the beauty look of the main character’s erotic drama, after the play by writer EL James, the make-up artist has revealed which make-up was used to achieve three different looks by Dakota Johnson. For women like Anastasia Steele one lipstick is not enough. In the film adaptation of the bestseller ‘Fifty shades darker’ Dakota Johnson, who embodied Ana, wore three different lipsticks, and throughout the film there was the philosophy of ‘less is more’, at least in terms of make-up.

In achieving a ‘retro’ look, only the thin line of eyeliner and red lipstick cosmetics giant MAC in ‘Feel So Grand’ shades was used and in combination with pencil of the same brand in the ‘Cherry’ shades.


Her ‘business’ look has been achieved thanks to a rose color watermelon brand Ilia which is applied in a thin layer, and thanks to the blue undertone it looks good on a variety of different skin colors.


Finally, the sexiest look with glamorous masquerade in which all of our attention was stolen by the lipstick. This is a make-up brand Glossier which is complemented by pencil MAC in ‘Burgundy’ shades.