After a bare nipple, Kendall has a new fetish – golden dental cover!

At London Fashion Week, shocked guests stared at the model Kendall Jenner who replaced the catwalk by being part of the audience and proudly showed the new golden smile. With golden dental cover, Kendall (22) combined an impressive piece of gold jewelry.


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– She radiated with sex appeal, until she smiled. She looks toothless. This is not her style, she is copying her sisters – are some of the comments fashion critics gave on her look. Her sister Kylie Jenner (19), Kim Kardashian (36) and Khloe Kardashian (32) already wore gold teeth or teeth jewelry decorated with diamonds.

These teeth were used to get married back in the days, and eventually it became the symbol of primitivism – are some of the comments from social networks. Kendall, except gold teeth, recently shocked with one more thing. She said, to the delight of male fans, that she loves to walk bare-chested and publicly show her nipples.


– I was excited when I first showed my breasts at a fashion show – says Jenner. She adds that she knows that many people find that extremely strange, but she enjoys being looked at by people. She has nipple piercings, callling it ‘jewelry’ she is always happy to show it in a transparent dress. She does have a limit apparently, she does not want to pose naked. She admits that she would not like to be photographed naked, yet. – I am very young. When I get old, I want to look at my pictures and think about how I used to look f****** amazing – says model. However, what she likes the most is hiding her love life. It is rumored that Jenner is in connection with rapper ASAP Rocky (28). The couple shopped together in New York, and intimately socialized through the romantic dinner.


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