Impressive NEW PIECES from the fashion house Gucci – Milan Fashion Week 2017

One of the most anticipated fashion shows opened Fashion Week in Milan. Fashion house Gucci, led by creative director Alessandaro Michele, presented their new collection of 120 pieces for autumn / winter this year inspired by the different decades of the last century, but with the distinctive signature of the Italian brand. The collection called ‘The Alchemist’s Garden: An Anti-modern Laboratory’ at the same time it was a real surprise, but also something that we are used to from the Italian designer. Changing the path of Gucci’s  and succeeds: in the last quarter of 2016. sales of women’s collections increased to impressive 21% from 17%.

This year, Michele decided to present the men’s and women’s collection together, a catwalk ‘fenced’ with glass walls so the models actually passed through a glass tunnel, which is why many guests were complaining that they failed to ‘catch’all displayed styles.

The impressive collection consisted of different pieces – from those that you know immediately that you want them in the closet to the combinations that are so ‘excessive’ that at first sight look ridiculous.


An eclectic line further solidified bravely forming of the new position of the brand as it was started by Alessandro Michele who remains faithful to the huge flowers, animal motifs, patterns that clash and surprising pieces such as oversized hats, sweat bands on forehead, unusual sunglasses and a travel luggage.


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