Kim Kardashian West claims that she eliminated the stretch marks. Is it really possible?

Stretch marks are a normal occurrence in the skin in adults and almost everyone has at least one. While individuals are proud of them and say they are a symbol of their life and memories, such as pregnancy, others would have given everything to have them removed.

Reality star Kim Kardashian West shared the news that she finally dared to remove her stretch marks. Removal was done by a dermatologist Simon Ouriana, but did not reveal the exact part of the body which she has decided to remove them from. ‘I was afraid to remove them because I thought it would hurt like hell, but in the end did not’ is part of her Snapchat statement.

Dr. med.Ourian first cooled her skin and then with cold CoolBeam laser treated the surface of the skin cells. Thus, eliminated one by one (stretch marks), transmits The treatment is very expensive and its cost ranges between $3000 and $5000 for the removal of stretch marks from one target area. Dr. med. Gary Goldenberg, head of the dermatological department Icahn School of Medicine, explains that ‘laser’ works by stimulating collagen and elastic fibers, which are over-stretched and so formed stretch marks. CoolBeam lasers are not yet very popular, but this would have been able to increase the popularity of it. According to Goldenberg, stretch marks are very difficult to remove, ‘I always emphasize to their patients that the treatment that helps to one person, may not work on another.’ Usually the stretch marks can not be completely removed, but treatments can make them almost invisible. If you want to get rid of stretch marks, but do not have the money as family Kardashian does, Goldenberg recommends that you turn to your dermatologist and ask him to give you some favorable treatments. There are less invasive treatments and devices, such as Dermaroller, who can help get rid of these annoying stretch marks.


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