Lancôme: Make-up collection in soft shades of spring!

The famous cosmetic brand Lancôme presented their new spring ‘make-up’ collection that is marked with the soft pink tones. Pink is very mesmerizing color, Lancome color, and now the star of their new make-up collection is ‘Absolutely Rose!’.

Among the novelties stands out Poudrer La Rose – poudrer that looks like a rose.


The first thing you will notice on the box is a magnificent flower. Then you will notice that each petal is riddled glittering pearly particles and at the same time brings brilliance and sophistication. These sparks of light were created to illuminate the skin at one stroke of the brush – and this is not any brush.


Brush Parisian Kabuki is specially designed to simply move caught optimal amount of illuminator, so that brush can be gently applied to the forehead, root of the nose, top cheekbones, chin, neck and neckline. The contours of the face are instantly shaped and bathed in light, and the skin has this ‘healthy glow’.


Three blushes, Blush Cushion Subtils, three products to emphasize healthy glow, a few ways to treat yourself to a fresh, bright and extremely bright complexion. Can be used separately or in combination for ‘draping’ (make-up techniques that will mark this spring), using light to create facial contours.

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La Palette La Rose, this extremely romantic compact box contains everything you need for a unique spring look of your eyes and lips. It hides range of six shades in bright, pastel, gentle and refreshing colors. Inside of it you will find three roses: one extremely shiny texture two of velvet finish. This trio of colors and textures is created to provide you with a whole range of different looks, which will meet the aspirations and dreams of every woman. Lips with misty effect, bright finish, matte effect, or a combination of all the above … Be brave, try them, and put on a smile.


Eyes can be your focus with the help of a pen Le Crayon Miracle. For the effect of wide-eyes, they need to be highlighted. The favorite eyeliner French lady in spring pink version is exactly what we need to look more cheerful after the end of winter. Ideal for drawing external lines or internal edges of the eye, the pencil velvet, soft and extremely smooth texture glides over the skin and allows easy application to look. Thanks to the graphic and radiant effect, Le Crayon Miracle is the perfect pencil for this spring and an indispensable part of the avant-garde makeup girls.


For sensual lips with ‘ombre’ effect, use a lip liner Parisian Lips Le Stylo. The use of ‘technology pads’ on lip liner – impressive innovations of the pen with two ends and a perfect ‘tool’ for drawing ombre lips. Adorned with the creamy, slightly tinted formula that hydrates and brightens lips, clear coating and extremely convenient when you press the pad that delivers the optimal amount of semi-matte pigments. The amount can be easily controlled, and the result is an amazing ‘ombre’ effect. The lips are sensual and embellished on a sophisticated way.


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