Prada’s approach to contemporary feminism @Milan Fashion Week

Milan, for some reason, never ceases to impress us. Last night at Milan Fashion Week, Prada unvieled its latest collection which left the public speechless. Fashion designer Miuccia Prada managed to combine both retrospective and forward thinking, which resulted in an elegant  yet weird fashion show.

Prada’s Fall 2017 collection was really impressive, as designer Micuccia Prada never failed to impress us by pulling together different references. Some of the looks on the runway were inspired by paperback novels from the 60s, which were drawn by illustrator Robert E. McGinnis. The illustrator’s works of art were interpreted in a new form, this time as fashionable outfits.

Among the pieces presented on the runway, there were many sumptuous mohair dresses, along with brilliantly cut corduroy and also crochet bralettes and not to mention  Seventies-inspired shearling coats, that every fan of Prada would love to have in their closet. If any of you know how we can make this collection teleport into our closets, please contact us.

There are many things to say about this fashion show. It was something out of the ordinary, like cocktail dressing with a twist. Stunning silk gowns adorned with delicate fringes made out of beads shook the runway along with shift dressed embellished with movie poster print.

Fashion designer Micuccia Prada’s runway show was one full of color and unique designs. It left us speechless from the beginning up until the end of the show, impressing us with every single outfit. In addition, the explosion of colors along with the intricate designs made us reflect on how art and fashion have slowly transformed throughout the years.

Milan Fashion Week has still a lot to offer. However, we keep on thinking whether the future shows will surpass these ones that have definitely enlarged our wishlists with more than 100 different outfits.