BEAUTY on the screen and on the red carpet: Emma Watson

Last night in London, the Prime Minister held a long – awaited Disney classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the star of the evening was – as expected – British actress Emma Watson, who has shone in an ice dress from fashion house Emilia Wickstead.

Film adaptation of one of the most popular Disney cartoons already predicts astronomical success, but many film critics, as well as the director Bill Condon, believe that it is thanks to Emma Watson, who plays the role of Bella.’When you work with actors who themselves choose their roles, you read their biographies and immediately begin to think about how you will merge them with the character. For Emma I immediately knew she was the right person for the role, she represents the image and personality of Bella, in front of cameras, but also in private life. ‘ – Said the director.

This is not the first Disney princess which the 26-year-old actress should embody. She was offered the role of Cinderella, which was eventually played by Lily James. ‘When I turned down the role of Cinderella, I did not even know I was the plan for ‘Beauty and the Beast’. But when they asked me if wanted to play Belle, I immediately felt the connection with the character’- Said the actress Emma Watson. In ice dress and hair lifted in a careless braid which is sewn over around the head, she irresistibly reminded us of Cinderella.

Except for Emma Watson, the film also stars and British actor Dan Stevens, unrecognizable in the role of the beast, Luke Evans as the main villain Gaston, Stanley Tucci, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor…