Harry Potter Make-up Collection is Here

Almost 20 years have passed since the first book from the Harry Potter series came out, and people are still talking about it today more than ever. Potterheads, I have great news for you:  you can now make magic happen on your face using the new Harry Potter inspired make-up collection.

Indie beauty brand, Enchanted Lustre decided to make Harry Potter fans a surprise, creating a whole range of make-up products for them to enjoy. Even though, you might not be a fan of the series, the products are stunning.

Imagini pentru harry potter makeup etsySource:http://www.refinery29.com/2017/02/142212/harry-potter-enchanted-lustre-eyeshadow-shades

Muggle make-up maven Ritu Makhija created the collection in 2016 and its Etsy shop offers a collection of 10 color changing holographic eyeshadows, all inspired by the Harry Potter series. We all know how we want our make-up to look: magical.

Not only are the colors of the eyeshadows incredible, but they also have magical names, which only a witch could love. Witches, it’s time to put down your wands, take out your brushes and make magic on your face.

Imagini pentru the chosen one eyeshadowSource:http://www.refinery29.com/2017/02/142212/harry-potter-enchanted-lustre-eyeshadow-shades

Even though we have not yet had the opportunity to try them ourselves, we have our eyes on quite a few of the shades. These are: Hippogriff (a versatile, gold-flecked brownish purple named after the mystical half-horse, half-bird creature), the Chosen One (a deep purple with golden shimmer) and Phoenix (a peachy rose gold that looks green under bright lights, inspired by the immortal magical bird of the same name).

Imagini pentru the chosen one eyeshadowSource:http://www.refinery29.com/2017/02/142212/harry-potter-enchanted-lustre-eyeshadow-shades

We almost forgot to mention an other even more magical aspect of the products: they are cruelty free. Also, they have prices from $5 to $8. What more can you ask for? Maybe for them to take you to Hogwarts. Well, the make-up products are just as enchanting as the journey to Hogwarts itself. Witches, take out your wallets and put your hands on these shadows before they run out!