Kanye West and the gold statue?!

At the intersection of the famous streets of Hollywood Boulevard with the Avenue of La Brea Avenue, there appeared to be a golden statue of Kanye West in natural size. The statue is the work of the Los Angeles street artist Plastic Jesus, and this provocative statue called ‘False Idol’ (false idol) has attracted a lot of attention. One reason is that the artist showed Kanye as the crucified Jesus Christ, and this is a provocation that always gets a certain resonance.

Some connected the statue to the Oscar, and really, we can not deny its resemblance to the gold statue which the winners of the most prestigious award take home. The artist says that his goal was not to attack Kanye West, but question the tendency of society to idolize celebrities. ‘Kanye is a brilliant musician and producer, but he is not God, but many see him as a God. He is loved until his career does not experience any earthquakes. A similar scenario we have seen with stars like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Those who idolize him are mostly are the ones who are most delighted when something bad happens’- said the artist to The Hollywood Reporter.


The idea of the sculpture is to encourage critical thinking consumers, the media, or even Kanye West himself. Is this kind of statue really needed? Would you stop by and check it out if you could? Do you support this way of thinking? Many people share different opinions, but it is an art, and art often makes us question and react to things.