The 80’s Fashion Will Be the Biggest Trend in 2017

Fashion has been obsessed with the 70’s trends for I don’t know how long! I mean it seems like forever since we’ve been seeing bohemian styles and patchwork prints and high waist suede skirts on women and there seems to be very little chances of them going away any time soon as well.

The long stretched love affair of fashion with the 70’s may never end, but lately it seems to have hit a slow ride. Because right now, our new obsession is from the 80’s.

There has been a newfound fascination for the 80’s trends for a little while now, that is to say for the past few seasons. But it hit at new high this year with Marc Jacob’s kitschy Resort 2017 collection. The highlight was the MTV sweatshirt that for obvious reasons is what everyone wants to wear now.

Here are some major pieces from the collection:



The 80’s it is

According to a new report published by the international analytics firm Edited, 2017 is going to be the year where we celebrate “the decade of John Hughes movies, the Jane Fonda workout and Thriller” in fashion. A lot of styles that were owned by the 1980’s including power suits and slouchy yet tailored fit trousers in terms of office wear or formal wear, to off-the-shoulder looks, different kinds of active wear and extravagant ruffles will be the hottest trends in 2017.
And let’s not forget, these findings are based on an analysis conducted on more than 520 million global apparel, accessories and footwear. Edited also makes use of its connection with retail giants like Net-a-Porter, TopShop and Asos.

The report also says that micro trends including embroidery and applique work on denims will also be big, with more customized versions of the looks. Along with that, other trends include band tees, ruffles, stirrup sleeves etc.


Edited also made some predictions for the year. Certain trends are likely to literally define the year. Some of them are deconstructed trousers, corsets; only for layering up though, and bare shoulders for women. Another style that is likely to rule is of course street style; with overhead branded and slogan based hoodies as well as distressed jersey tops, athleisure and a more 90’s oriented nostalgia styles for men.

One thing seems to be clear here, it’s the women who will get to enjoy the 80’s trends more, while the men are stuck with the next decade and also the street wear bubble.

So I guess it’s time to look back on our fave 80’s starts and draw inspiration from them. I wonder if I should get some bell bottoms now.

What do you think? Which styles are your favorites?

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