The biggest bra myth that you should completely ignore!

Bras often create some kind of a problem – baskets are too small, too narrow straps, etched on the back. All this can be avoided if you stop believing in the biggest myth about bras!


Buying a bra is not an easy task, and every woman has experienced that on their skin. We may be already well adopted to the most important rules of buying this piece of underwear, but we happen to get home from the store with a model that does not fit us right. This error often happens to us because we believe in the biggest myth about bras concerning their sizes. In fact, many women are convinced that you always have to take the bra of the same size, regardless of the brand. That is the most common cause of errors when buying because there is no uniform development of all sizes in a variety of manufacturers.

So a brand bra size 38A may fit perfectly, but when you get to another store and you take the same size bra you will notice that it just does not fit that well as the first one you bought. It is possible that different collections within the same brand have inequalities in sizes. Therefore, fashion experts advise that every time you are about to buy a bra, you try it on instead of just checking the size chart – just like you did when you bought your first bra.