The most expensive sandwich in the world!

The sandwich consists of two slices of bread made from superior Dom Perignon champagne and a piece of 24-carat edible gold, white truffle butter and very rare ‘Caciocavallo Podolice’ cheese.

Sandwich of the New York restaurant ‘Serendipity 3’ costs $214 is registered in the Guinness book of Records as the most expensive sandwich in the world. The specificity and uniqueness of the sandwiches or toast is in its ingredients. Sandwich is served on crystal plate with Lobster Tomato Bisque sauce, made of lobster and tomato. Although the sandwich is not enough for a ‘decent meal’ hungry customers, the head of the New York restaurant Joe Calderon sandwich prices justifies by claiming that this sandwich has ‘the most expensive and exclusive ingredients in the world.’


If someone wants to opt for tasting sandwiches, it is necessary to order it 48 hours in advance, because the ingredients are coming to New York by the plane. The New York restaurant was found in the Guinness book even before the sandwich, due to the most expensive dessert, the most expensive burger, the most expensive hot dog, the biggest cake and the biggest cup of hot chocolate ever. So, anyone wants to give $214 for a sandwich that will not tame their hunger? Does it look delicious? We would not mind trying it out!