Gigi Hadid simply loves these new Reebok sneakers!

Thanks to a common vision and sophisticated styling of world stars, and this spring we are reminded that the classic style is always part of the fashion.


In collaboration with supermodel Gigi Hadid and famous rapper Kendrick Lamar, Reebok represents a completely new face of the legendary shoes of 1985 – Ultra modern retro silhouette Club C. Looking at Gigi posing in these sneakers we realize how full of confidence she is as well as the legendary sneakers with sparkling silver and glittery sign on fifth, interwoven logo in the same tone. Club C is because of its minimalist style for over 30 years been a favorite sneaker of athletes, both on the field and off. Today it is an irreplaceable classic model that inspires the new generation.


From inception to the present day, Club C is the choice of those whose style exudes confidence and creative potential. This is the model that is worn only by those who respect and admire the results of their predecessors, but also others who want to show you how it is their turn ‘to rule the ground’. Women’s Collection ‘Diamond’ is made of premium leather discreet gloss, in a unique white, black, silver and beige color.

Gigi perfectly illustrates everything that represents the new collection, giving it her own unique style of a young, confident and energetic person, which is the main feature and heritage of Club C sneakers.


On the other hand, simple and timeless silhouette Club C is Kendrick’s favorite ever since his high school days and it is a real connection to the heritage, origins and reality. The famous rapper known for his different stylistic expression, perfectly reflects the continuous development and bold future of this model.