How to easily speed up the growth of your eyelashes!

Did you know that proper nutrition helps when it comes to faster growth of eyelashes? Did you know that your natural eyelashes can be thicker and longer? All they need is a little care, and you can find out what will best technique to accelerate their growth:

Use Vaseline

Although you may be skeptical, this advice is very simple. Put a little Vaseline on the eyelids before going to sleep – it will boost the growth of your eyelashes.You will need some time to see results, but believe that it works, because it really does work.

Miraculous olive oil

Many women swear by the truth of this advice. So, a little olive oil on your eyelids at night will help eyelashes absorb all the vitamins and minerals from oil and enable their faster growth.


Brush them

Sounds strange? Brushing the eyelashes can do wonders for their growth. Be sure you are doing this before putting mascara! This technique does not have to repeated every day, but you should do it from time to time. It is not time-consuming, and will visibly accelerate the growth of your eyelashes.

Massage your eyelids

Eyelashes may fall off if they are fragile and brittle. However, the rubbing of the eyelids and stimulating follicles can truly help their faster growth and recovery.

Watch your diet

Although it does not seem related, poor nutrition and fatty foods definitely affect the growth of eyelashes. Replace your diet and eat more vegetables and fruits. Soon, you will notice a big difference.


Proteins are required

If you are not getting enough protein, this is unlikely to replace any amount of fruits and vegetables. Be sure to consume red meat, fish, cheese, eggs.