Take a look at Tommy Hilfiger’s Villa – 28 Million Dollars!

Take a sneak peek at Tommy Hilfiger’s Villa which is priced at 28 MILLION DOLLARS! Home of the most famous American designer is everything but ordinary.

Luxury mansion situated on a private beach on the Golden Beach in Florida is now on sale and is discovered how it looks. For a house by the ocean that he bought four years ago for $ 17.5 million, Tommy Hilfiger is now seeking $ 27.5 million.


While the outside looks like any other house on the beach – with a large swimming pool and views of the ocean – from the inside it is a real surprise. It looks stunning with all of the art and colors used in the design, this house surely stands out and is everything but an ordinary luxury villa.


The building of seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms was edited by a British interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard – who is known for his eclectic style, striking colors and decoration with a sense of humor.

Inside of the villa looks like they met pop art artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, a crazy different styles alternate from room to room. From rooms with red and blue blocks on the walls, to those with yellow polka dots on all surfaces and wallpapers, in the bathrooms there are motifs of orange and banana, which, when scratched, leave a smell of oranges and bananas!