Versace’s Empowering Words @Milan Fashion Week

Milan’s Fashion Week gets better and better with every show that we see. The level of competitiveness is getting higher as fashion designers compete for the greatest runway looks. Versace keeps its place high in this “competition” by deciding to empower women through its “cocktail sportswear” collection, which sends a powerful message for the strong, modern women.

What really drew our attention were the knit caps designed by Donatella Versace. The caps had powerful words written on them such as: “power”, “unity”, “courage” and “equality”. In addition, bold words accessorized dress shirts, oversized puffers and velvet hoodies.

Present on the catwalk were “it girls” Gigi and Bella Hadid, Behati Prinsloo, Imaan Hammam and  Cat McNeil. Some of the models were spotted wearing rainbow-hued hair extensions, which made the fashion show even more impacting.

Versace’s powerful fashion show, couldn’t end without a bang. For the grand finale, Donatella had a surprise planned for us. Model Amber Valletta closed the show wearing a white bandana in order to raise awareness for the ACLU and UNHCR.

The bandana is used as a symbol of the #TiedTogether Fashion Week initiative.It was started by the Business of Fashion as a way to get designers, models and industry insiders to get together in order to support inclusivity. They want to  raise awareness for both the ACLU and UNHR, two of the international organizations aimed at protecting both equality and human rights.

Finally,let’s talk about the the make-up look that models wore, which was warrior like, with accent being put on the bold eye look. They looked fierce and fearless, nothing standing in the way of defending equality and human rights. Yet an other political messaged runway show, that was both impacting and beautifully presented.

Words are powerful and Donatella Versace managed to create an impacting fashion show by putting accent on both words and colors. We don’t know about you guys, but we definitely would like to wear one of the knit caps, just that we are uncertain about the message to display. Maybe we should get them all.