Buying new jeans?! Make sure you do not do these 5 mistakes!

About 87 percent of women wears jeans at least once a week, and out of 10 women, 6 of them have problems finding their ideal jeans. If you belong to a group of women that are looking for an immaculate cut, before you go shopping, find out which 5 are the most common mistakes about the jeans you must immediately forget! 

1. Skinny jeans can be worn only by super skinny ladies

Although the meaning of skinny is ‘thin’, that does not mean that this model fits only skinny ladies. The jeans that adhere to the legs can be worn by anyone and there are no restrictions. The secret lies in color and waist, shoes, and pieces with which you plan to combine them with.Women with curves can make them look awesome; with a tunic or long shirt, if you are shorter than most, they will blend perfectly with a pair of elegant heels.


2. Designer (expensive) jeans are the best quality and these fit the best 

To justify the high cost of designers and popular brands often their models stand out as the most wanted and most popular of the season. However, it is important to consider that every body is different and requires a different cut. It is important to find one model that perfectly fits your body, your everyday needs and your character.

3. Favorite jeans model can be purchased for another season

Fashion trends are changing so fast that it is very difficult to follow up, and each new season the shops are full of trendy clothing that is nothing like the one from last year. That’s why, next year you can easily run out of favorite jeans cut. Given that 6 out of 10 women have problems finding an ideal cut for jeans, when you encounter a model (on sale) that suits you consider to buy two pieces of it.

4. Pockets on jeans must be decorated with something

Pockets on the jeans can make perfect buttocks, but also to point out flaws. If you are buying a new piece of jeans stick to the golden rule – try to pick the ones with less decorations. Pockets with glitters, pearls and other shiny decorations look rather ‘cheap’ and you should avoid them. The same goes for bright seams. Play it safe and avoid any ornaments.


5. If you shorten the jeans, they will lose their form  

Shorter women, you do not have to search for a shortened version of trouser jeans, you can simply have it done at dressmaker, and really, you do not have to fear that they will lose their shape at all. Shortened jeans, with appropriate color and thickness of the end may look like they are from the store.