Opportunity to peek into the most expensive yacht in the world!

British concierge company Quintessentially is currently working on a very ambitious project, which will particularly get billionaires of this world V interested!

Their newest yacht, which will carry the name Quintessentially One, will be 220 meters long, and there will be parties and lots of fun and at the same time it will play the role of a hotel on the water, of course, for those who can afford it. Construction of these yachts cost around 300 million euros, so you can be sure it will stay extremely expensive.


With seemingly unlimited space available, this yacht will offer many services such as a spa center, library and shopping areas, so we are sure that guests will never get bored.


A guest part will be created in the style of a boutique hotel with 112 rooms and private residences that are available for permanent rent. Residents of these residences will be able to enjoy the Club One benefits, such as visits to a private restaurant, bar and free beauty treatments.


Aaron Simpson, co-founder of Quintessentially company said: ‘This will be the largest private club for members that floats!’. Thanks to their criteria, which accepts only club members, the company expects to stay on this yacht because it is unique and exclusive to all their guests. Debut tour of the yacht is expected in two years.