AGORA – the largest sauna in the world!

Saunas are a place of relaxation, enjoyment, detoxification and wellness.


This time we present the greatest public sauna, which is neither more nor less, than in the Arctic Circle. Believe it or not, just this place has become a place where it is located, this huge sauna, although it is primarily known for its icy temperatures. This investment, which is immediately after creating a lot of attention, can present a real makeover beginning of this destination which is otherwise undesirable. Sauna is designed in a very interesting way – it is presented in the form of a pyramid, and made of wood. In it, at the same time 150 people can enjoy the benefits of the sauna experience. The name of this project is the Agora, and is built for SALT – first Arctic arts festival, on a remote Norwegian island Sandhornoya.


Four insanely huge wood stove provide the heat for this sauna. While you enjoy the charms of this famous spa treatments you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views that are offered through the glass walls of the structure. Especially interesting will be enjoying during the phenomenon of the aurora borealis, or polar lights. Agora has a capacity of 159 people and provides you with an amazing sauna experience – if you do not mind having a bunch of people near you in sauna of course!

People who have visited claim that it was one of the best sauna treatments they have ever experienced, what do you think? Would you like to visit it?