Bella and Gigi Hadid, fun before the runway @Disneyland Paris

Sisters and supermodels Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid decided to reward themselves with a well deserved short holiday at Disneyland Paris. After rocking their runway game at both New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, the two decided to spend a day at the place that is believed to be the happiest on Earth, Disneyland Paris to relax before Paris Fashion Week started.

Best day ever ❤🐭❤🐭❤🐭❤🐭

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Taking a peek at their instagram photos and guessing by their looks, they definitely seem to be having a lot of fun. The sisters instagrammed this same photo, posing along Disney’s most beloved character, Mickey Mouse. The two are wearing matching hats and Gigi is also wearing Mickey hands to match with the famous character. The supermodels are not the only ones having fun, as it seems that Mickey is also enjoying himself.

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An other picture that caught our eyes was a funny one that Bella Hadid posted on her Instagram account. It was taken during the ride THE TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR. The ride consists of a scary trip on an elevator though the Hollywood Tower Hotel. The main attractions are a scary garden, hotel lobby and a library, but not only.

In the photo, Bella is seen holding tightly to both her sister and the friend who is next to her, while Gigi is mostly hanging on to her Mickey Mouse gloves. Also, somehow a pair of large red sunglasses were photoshopped onto Gigi’s face and she seems to be rocking them.

Models are relaxing between fashion shows in different fashion capitals of the world. However, we here at EgomediaTV have never stopped watching the fashion shows as we were captivated by each and every one of them. As Paris Fashion Week has recently started, we are curious whether the season for fashion weeks is going to end with a bang and keep up with the high level of surprises that we are accustomed with.